Let It Snow! Winter Trampoline Jumping Tips and Tricks

Winter. It’s wet. It’s cold. And you just want to stay inside warming-up by the fire. But being cooped up indoors is tough for kids. They have an endless supply of energy and can’t seem to stay still.

Even though it’s cold and snowy, you can still jump on a Springfree Trampoline! All the engineering and design that has been put into the development of Springfree means that you can leave it outside and enjoy jumping on it all year long.

Check out our tips and tricks for winter trampoline fun.

Bundle Up!

Jumping may keep you warm, but make sure you’re little ones are bundled up properly before heading out. And make sure to brush off any rocks or salt from the bottom of your boots before jumping to protect the trampoline mat.

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Play In The Snow

Your trampoline is a great canvas to make the perfect snow angel. Or grab the snow and get creative. Build a snow fort (or even a snow castle) on the trampoline!

Photo credit: @thepattysullivan and @APrettyLife

Keep The Mat Clear

Make sure to clear off accumulated snow on your trampoline with a soft bristle or broom. (Don’t use hard bristles or shovels which may damage the mat.) With your brush or broom, reach onto the center of the mat and pull the snow toward you and off the trampoline through the zippered door. Find all our winter care and maintenance tips here.

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A Winter Workout

Don’t want to dig your car out of the snow to hit to the gym? Bundle up and head to your backyard! A trampoline makes the best backyard gym – even in the winter. Check out our top 10 trampoline exercises!

Post-Jumping Warm Up

A hot chocolate or hot apple cider makes the perfect post-jumping warm up! (Marshmallows make it even better.) Grab a drink, warm up, and then head back outside for even more jumping fun!

Are your kids getting winter cabin fever? Send them outside for a quick jump on a Springfree Trampoline. It'll get them moving and keep them playing outside during the colder months!

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