Top 10 Reasons a Springfree Trampoline is the Best Christmas Gift for the WHOLE Family

Are you wracking your brain for the perfect gift to make your kids’ jaws drop on Christmas morning?  If your answer is YES, then you should consider getting them a Springfree Trampoline!  Between the incredible health benefits, premium safety features, and overall fun, there are so many reasons a Springfree could make this Christmas the one they remember for years to come.  Here are our Top 10 reasons why a Springfree Trampoline is the best Christmas present for the WHOLE family.

  1. Trampolines are fun for kids of all ages! It’s hard to find a gift that your 16-year-old will love as much as your 6-year-old, but a Springfree Trampoline fits the bill perfectly. Families of all sizes with kids of all ages love our super safe, fun, and award-winning trampolines—even the grown-ups love to partake in the fun!
  2. Trampolines are great for physical health. Owning a trampoline is just like having a kid-friendly gym in your backyard.  The workout offered by an outdoor trampoline is good for cardio-vascular exercise, regulating sleep, strengthening your core, and improving your mood and mental health. All of these features will benefit both you and your kids!
  3. You can use them all year, in all seasons — even during the winter! Springfree Trampolines are designed to withstand all four seasons in the harshest conditions.  A 15-minute bounce on a chilly morning is a great way to warm up in the outdoors with a fun jump sesh. (For best results over the holidays, pair with a steaming cup of hot cocoa afterward!)
  4. A well-made trampoline is as safe as it is fun. Springfree Trampoline’s flexible rod design and premium safety net enclosure leads the industry in safety, quality, and endurance. In fact, Springfree Trampoline is the most awarded trampoline in the world, with years of safety, quality, and high level innovation behind its spring-free engineered design.
  5. Your kids will be using your trampoline for many years to come. Tired of shelling out big bucks for gifts that break before you’ve cleaned up the wrapping paper?  Or have a rare battery type you’ll never replace?  Or one that the kids get bored of right away?  A Springfree Trampoline won’t let you down. They don’t require batteries, or power sources, or moving parts, and kids are great at imagining endless ways to play - from jumping competitions to choreographing bounce-driven dance routines, to campout sleepovers and building amazing fortresses within it.
  6. Trampolines support children’s physical development. Studies show that bouncing on the surface of a trampoline helps develop coordination, balance, and muscle tone over a period of 12-14 weeks.  Plus, low-impact jumping is a great way to build the strength of the musculoskeletal system. (That’s just one reason why astronauts use trampolines to condition their bodies for space travel!)
  7. They’re a good excuse for fresh air in nature. While buying the latest game system or a new tablet might seem like a good idea right now, wait until “one more level” syndrome kicks in on a beautiful spring day. If you want to get your kids off their screens and out in the backyard playing, the trampoline is a great excuse for fresh air, sunlight (vitamin D), exercise, and creativity.
  8. Trampolines are a great social activity. Even though only one person can jump on the trampoline at a time, the all-ages fun of a Springfree trampoline brings families (and friends) together. Find your own traditions for enjoying your bounce time together, from performing competitions to high-flying photo shoots to movie-night under the stars.  Plus, your kids will learn important social skills by taking turns, boundaries, and sharing the fun.
  9. Bouncing out-performs jogging as a cardio workout. While jogging is a high-impact form of exercise that can damage your joints and wear out your cartilage, jumping on a trampoline absorbs the impact of bouncing and gives you a workout that’s easy on your skeletal system and great for your heart. In fact, did you know just 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline offers the same benefit as going for a 30-minute run (Bonus - It just happens to be a LOT more fun!)
  10. Springfree Trampolines are just about indestructible. In fact, one of our customers had their neighbor’s SUV fall onto their Springfree Trampoline, and it managed to support the weight.  Every Springfree Trampoline comes with a full 10-year warranty on every part, and they are design-tested to withstand millions of jump cycles, so your kids will be having fun and enjoying their Springfree all the way into Christmas 2029.

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