What's Your Summer Staycation Style?

School is now officially out for Summer!! However, we know that for many parents, your kids have been at home for so long at this point that the usual Summer Break feeling hasn’t really kicked in yet. With limited summer camps and cancelled family travel plans, it can be hard to find ways to keep your children entertained and safe at home. That’s where Springfree comes in. Whether you already own a Springfree, you’re waiting for one to arrive or you’re still thinking about it, we’re here to provide you with a wealth of backyard play ideas that you can utilize with or without a trampoline. 

What's Your Summer Staycation Style? 

The Foodie

You enjoy making food as much as you enjoy eating it. Sure, sometimes cooking for your family can feel like a chore, but when you have the time, the process of creating a meal is both fun and relaxing for you, especially during the summer when you can bring the action outside.  Whether you’re behind the grill or preparing a picnic, there’s nothing like seeing your family dig into a delicious feast.

Summer Staycation Suggestions

Get your kids involved in creating a backyard picnic for your family.

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The Fitness Fanatic

Being on the move is what makes your family tick. It doesn’t matter whether you’re jumping on your trampoline, playing soccer or shooting hoops. As long as you’re movin’ your family is groovin’! The thought of your children spending the whole summer inside the house in front of screens, sends shivers up your spine. You are a big believer in the benefits of outdoor exercise – better sleep, improved concentration, increased happiness, the list goes on. 

Summer Staycation Suggestion

Already have your Springfree? Challenge your family to our 7 days of trampoline fitness. 

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The Lounger

For you your number 1 summer priority is relaxation, whether it’s catching some rays while your kids play outside, finding a shady corner to read a book or sipping on iced tea as you watch the butterflies.  Don’t get me wrong you’re as busy as the next parent, but when you get that opportunity to relax you really make it count.

Summer Staycation Suggestion

Why not sit back and relax while your kids work their way through our long list of backyard activities. 

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The Teacher

As far as you’re concerned the summer break is the perfect opportunity for your children to broaden their minds. Especially this year when they’ve already missed out on so much formal education. You don’t want them to fall behind and you know that if you keep their minds engaged in something fun, then you’ll avoid hearing the dreaded words “I’m bored”. 

Summer Staycation Suggestion

Did you know that finding a way to combine education with getting your kids outside and active, may be the best way to help them learn? 

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